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Being famous for its student life Manchester has one of the largest student populations outside of greater London with an estimated 95000 students. Having a working partnership with many student organisations Manchester Cars has led a “Safe Student” initiative which aims to provide all students within Manchester with an option to get an “emergency” taxi in the even that they have lost their money, phone or are just stranded on a late night out.

In the event that any student is in a difficult situation they should first call the Manchester Cars customer service centre and explain what has happened. They will then be allowed to take a taxi up to the value of £5 as long as they leave their student id with the driver. On reimbursing Manchester Cars at our city centre head quarters the student will have his/her id returned.

The Student Policy was put in place after a long consultation with numerous student organisations within Manchester. We have found it to be immensely successful and it has helped out many students who may have otherwise found themselves lost.

At Manchester Cars we are commited to encouraging a friendly and safe environment for students who are from different cities and even countries to make private hire transport in Manchester a safe and friendly experience.

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